MEGA-450 Digital Delay Box w/Lighted Keys


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MEGA-450 Digital Delay Box w/Lighted Keys

The MEGA Control Box is a Super Delay Box, 2 Throttle Stop Timers, Starting Line Enhancer, Easy-Start System, Shift Activator, Driver Reaction Tester and Playback Digital Tachometer!


  • Crossover Delay Box with a secondary delay which allows you to double hit the tree with 1 button or 2 separate buttons. How Late Display shows you which ''hit'' launched the car and by how much.

  • Tap up / Tap down lets you add or subtract a preset (set by you) amount to your delay time after you release the button.

  • Control for Pro Tree Easy Start System lets you stage with your gas pedal to the floor, motor stays at a low preset rpm until you press the transbrake button - then the motor automatically goes up to the converter or 2-step. (Requires the purchase of a 2 position throttle control).

  • Starting Line Enhancer for full tree allows you to have the gas pedal to the floor with the motor staying at a low preset RPM until after your top bulb comes on, at that point the motor goes up to the 2-step.

  • Built in Digital Tachometer with FULL RUN REPLAY and peak rpm recorder. You can playback your entire run directly on the screen.

  • 2 Separate - 4 Stage Timers to control throttle stops and/or nitrous systems etc.

  • Programmable Throttle Stop Override allows you to speed your car up a set amount (set by you).

  • Shift Activator Output allows you to shift by time or rpm (50 rpm increments). You can shift as much as 5 different times, at 5 different RPM's. You can even split the shifts - some could be by RPM, and some at time.

  • Driver Reaction Tester allows you to practice your reaction times while sitting in your car and using your own button. A true reaction readout is displayed.

  • A Spare Output that can be hooked up to a linelock for anti-roll staging.

  • Largest Display Ever- all numbers and text are lit up on a super large LCD display, making for the ultimate in user friendliness! (everything is in plain english).

  • Compatible with all cylinder engines.

  • A lighted keypad

  • Separate ''Pro Tree'' screen

  • Scrolling arrow keys (to make small number changes very easily).
  • 12 and 16 volt compatible.
    Size: 8.7''x5''x1.5'
  • PART#: Mega450

    Price: $529.99

    Call 1.800.443.7748 during business hours to purchase this part.

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