LS1 Passenger Car Firewire Spark Plug Set

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LS1 Passenger Car Firewire Spark Plug Set

Spark Plug Wires, FireWire, Reactive Core, 8mm, Black, Stock Boots, Chevy/Pontiac, Corvette/F-Body, LS1, Set

Efficient, powerful spark plug wires.
With a rating of 25 ohms per foot, Crane's FireWire spark plug wires are a whopping 37 percent more efficient than the nearest competitor. These premium-grade, double-layer, silicone-insulated wires offer unsurpassed resistance to heat and damaging fluids, and enhanced protection against high-voltage breakdown. They are also ideal for street use, as their Kevlar-reinforced "reactive core" design filters out RFI and EMI noise that affects sound systems.

Additional features include:

* Unique reactive-core engineered to deliver maximum spark-gap energy to your spark plugs with today's high-output competition ignitions
* Filter out RFI and EMI (RFI/ EMI pulsings confuse on-board engine control computers, audio systems, and other electronic devices)
* Very low 25 ohm resistance ensures maximum spark-gap energy is delivered to the spark plugs
* Complete, assembled, and ready to install!

PART#: 255-2419

Price: $41.99

Call 1.800.443.7748 during business hours to purchase this part.

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