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AutoTap FlashScanV2 EFILive

Diagnostic Test Tool, Computer and Sensors, Use with Windows PC or Laptop, Chevy, OBD II, Kit


AutoTap helps you make the most of your tuning mods!
The AutoTap FlashScan V2 EFILive is the future of custom ECM tuning. Unlike typical downloaders and power modules that leave you with a cookie-cutter program, the FlashScan V2 allows you to scan, log, and tune your LS1, LS2, and LS6 to your exact specifications- all through your OBDII port. Best of all, the unit's handy built-in LCD screen, keypad, and SD memory card compatibility can dial-in maximum acceleration, fuel economy, and drivability tailored to your vehicle without a laptop. These kits include two VIN licenses to tune two vehicles (extra licenses can be purchased separately). Additional features include:
* Over 600 engine calibrations
* ECM recovery
* Software fixes for Gen IV issues
* Integrated scan tool for diagnostics
* Downloadable firmware updates
* USB 2.0 compatibility
* Four 5v analog inputs
* External serial input for data logging
* 512k onboard RAM
* 40MHz CPU

PART#: flashscantv2

Price: $829.99

Call 1.800.443.7748 during business hours to purchase this part.

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