950 CFM Four Barrel 4150 Ultra HP Carburetor

Ultra 4150 HP

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950 CFM Four Barrel 4150 Ultra HP Carburetor

All the Features of Traditional HP Carburetors plus Billet Metering Blocks and Base Plate. The changeable Emulsion Jets, Idle Feed Restrictors, and Power Valve Restrictors allow for Infinite Tuning and Tayloring to any Engine.

* Dichromate Finish
* Contoured Venturii Inlet
* Screw-in Air Bleeds
* Anodized Billet Metering Blocks
* Changeable Idle Feed Restrictors
* Changeable Power Valve Restrictors
* Changeable Emulsion Jets
* Non-Stick Gaskets
* Lightweight Slotted Mixture Screws
* Four Corner Idle System
* Stainless Steel Throttle Plates
* Button Head Throttle Plate Screws
* Notched Floats and Jet Extensions
* Center Hung Dual Inlet Fuel Bowls
* Built-in Oversized Glass Sight Windows
* Billet Base Plate
* Spun-in Straight-leg Boosters
* Calibrated for Gasoline
* High Strength Sealing Surfaces
* Power Valve Blow-out Protection
* 100% Wet Flow Tested and Calibrated
* Progressive Mechanical Secondaries
* Double 30cc Accelerator Pumps

PART#: 0-80676

Price: $959.99

Call 1.800.443.7748 during business hours to purchase this part.

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