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NOS Nitrous Import Wet and Dry Kit

Nitrous Oxide Kits

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NOS Nitrous Import Wet and Dry Kit

The NOS Nitrous Import Wet and Dry Kit has "dry" injection technology, where the OEM fuel injection system provides the required additional fuel to the motor only when the nitrous system is armed and activated at W.O.T. (wide open throttle).

Intercooler Effect; Drop Intake Temperatures; More Dense Intake Charge; Eliminates Turbo Lag; Instant Torque Gains; Fully Adjustable Power Settings.

Installation Notes:
The EFI kits are designed for use with engines that are basically stock. A stock fuel pump should be adequate, however many pumps decline in performance over the years and it is important to have a fuel pump that meets NEW specs. Use only premium grade pump gasoline (92+ octane) or unleaded racing fuel. In many instances, a high output ignition and free-flowing exhaust system may benefit performance. Do not use aftermarket chips or other devices that advance ignition timing, as detonation may occur.

PART#: 05122

Price: $609.99

Call 1.800.443.7748 during business hours to purchase this part.

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